Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Still Wanna Try (lyrics)

Everytime I get up , I remember your face ,
Everytime I breathe , I remember your voice ,
Everyday I regret , for all the things I did ,
I just hope , we will be together again .
Everytime I laugh , I remember your smile ,
Everytime I lay down , I remember your scent ,
I just wish to roll back time , and put all back together ,
to the way it used to be .

Eventhough that I knew , all of this is a dream ,
Just let me hold your hand and fly through the wind ,
Eventhough that I knew , we're no longer together ,
I just hope you know you're still part of me .
I'm not giving up and back down , till I win .
I still wanna try .

You said we're not meant to be together ,
But I said let's try and make it real ,
I'm sorry , I shouldn't have to say that to you ,
I'm just afraid that I'll be losing you ,
And I know I screwed things up , just let me fix it back ,
To the way it used to be .


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