Thursday, August 2, 2012


Ya know what ? Last night , i dream about you . Yeah you . It is actually a pretty happy dream , nice dream , perhaps a good dream . Wanna know about that dream ? Well here it is .

In that dream , there is you and me . We're in some kind of a carnival which i don't know what and where it is . It's just you and me . There's some other people of course because it is a carnival , but i just see us . Well , at the beginning , we just bumped to each other there . I'm alone , and you too . So , at first , it was awkward . Yeah it's because we broke up and suddenly met each other again . But one thing did make me smile the whole day . In that carnival , we talk and talk and talk , like nothing happened between us . You played with my hair , you hold my hands , like that we're together , no crisis , no problem . That's the best thing in that dream . Its like we never fight , we never argue . We just happy to be together . We talk about our stories , about our life , and i felt like that day is never gonna end . We seems really happy in that dream . I want us to be like that . You talk a lot , me too . Sometimes when i think about it , it may seems not like us . Its like we never stop talking and laughing and everything . I also kissed you on your cheek and you blush . Well , i never see you blush before. you're definitely cute when you're blushing you know . I never see you laugh that hard , smile that wide . It's just not like you , the one that i knew before . I am happy in that dream . But when i woke up , i'm wondering , did i dream about you because i miss you or because that is the thing that i hoped to happen to us . I'm not sure . I like that dream . So far , that the best dream ever ! In that dream , i see the part of you that don't want this to end and the part of you that don't want to let me go . In that dream , we really hold on to each other and never want to let go . Yeah , maybe i dream about that because that's the thing that i always hoped for . sigh

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