Saturday, May 19, 2012



Well , they're the most loyal companions that you ever had . 
Think ! 

If you failed in your exams or your life , who's on your side all the time ? FAMILY 

If you heart broken , and give you advices ? It's your FAMILY . Your father or mother don't care giving you advice in love and relationship . They are also young before this . They can give you advice based on their past experience .

When you feeling down , and felt like wanna suicide or kill people or something like that , it's your FAMILY can calm you down .

Yes , your friends still can give you advice but non of it like your family advice , especially your parents advice . By hearing their voice can make you calm , can make you think reasonably . They're the best . If there's a quote for "Bros over hoes" , there should be "Families over shits"

so , be thankful for family you had (Y)

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