Friday, April 27, 2012

You can't force things that is opposite

Well , first of all , i know this thing will happen someday . And it happened . I don't know , sometimes , things are not meant to be happening right ? No matter how hard you force it , it just can't fit . Same as puzzle , no matter how you try to put it together , it just can't fit by forcing it to the way you want . And also like a magnet , when the same pole repelling each other , you cant just force them to be attracted . It just against the nature . I did my part , and you did yours , but things didn't work out . I know , we both hurt . But , what to do , it can't be force . I don't want to make it worse . So , i'll just stop right here , right now . Just for you know , my love for you are all real , pure and never was a fake . Just things didn't go as we wish . Don't blame anyone , shit happens .

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