Monday, January 30, 2012

Traumatic experience made me fear to something

I hate it when that someone said "I need space to think to fix everything back "
come on !! I have trauma with that word !! Last time i get through that , someone that i love the most cheated on me and made me in a very terrible condition .. That's the "sign" that "she" doesn't love me anymore and cheated .. What you want me to expect on that ? I don't want to face the same thing again . I'm afraid of that thing . I'm rolling like a ball .. Look like stable but rolling to any random direction . Seriously I'm afraid that thing will come again . I know my words a bit tunggang-langgang but hell !! I'm fucked up over here .

You want your space to think ? Fine , I'll give it to you . But I hate the word "Don't worry , it will end soon" .
what the F is that ? what did you expect me to think " end soon " ? arghhh . I've wasted my 100th post to write this thing . I've expected to pst this 100th for nice thing . It turns out like this . Damn lah my life screwed .. I'm holding myself from using "aku kau" and vulgar words .

I still boleh bersabar . Lets see how it ends by your space to think . I'll wait for it . Just remember , I gave all that I have to you , I gave everything what I called " love " to you . I'm in a very disappointment here . Seriously . I'm hurt from every angle .. I don't want this to end . I don't want to face the thing that I'm afraid the most . Seriously I do . I'm a bit care of your " not showing " love .. actually a lot . Think !! urghhh ..

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