Monday, August 22, 2011


First of all ..
i know lately my feelings and emotion a bit unstable .. i just don't know why but it really bring troubles to me ..
with all the study problems , relationship problems .. i don't know , everything seems wrong .
i always being moody all of a sudden .. felt empty , sorrow , nothing .. like there's a hollow part in me ..

This is my expression ..
why did i felt like i'm alone ? i felt like i'm totally alone .. no friends , no love ones .. family for sure i have them but .. hmm .. this is some kind of my diary and all what i feel ..
I have a girlfriend , but she's extremely super duper busy with her so called "stuffs and works" .. i don't know if its true or not .. i just assume it as true .. this is what i feel .. how can she being so busy when i try to text her but she's never busy doing all other things ? atleast please !! i just want a simple text message from you saying good morning and goodnight so that i know u still remember me .. is it so hard ? i tried to figure it out but i still didn't have the answer why is it so hard for you to simply text me THAT ..
its seems like you don't care .. i love you with all of my heart and you just like "oh .. i love you too " i don't want the words !! i just want to feel the love .. not the word ! you just don't know how i feel , how i try to ignore "my feelings".. but , hmm .. there's no word that can describe my feelings .. there's no song can express how i feel ..  there's no emoticons can show how sad i am , how i depress i am .. yes i do smile everyday , every second .. nobody know how i feel inside ..
because all of this "problem" , i can't concentrate on everything that i do ..
sometimes , when i'm alone , doing nothing , i took my guitar and sang my song for you .. i've created a song for you .. but seems like , you have no interest on that .. AT ALL !! i just need some appreciation here .. please ..
yes , if there's people who read it they'll say "alahhh kabut ah dia ni .. org lain bercinta gak x de la smpi mcm ni " "kau ni laki ke ape ,, lembut je hati "
FUCK OFF !!! tak puas hati bak mai la !! i'm a human being and i have feelings . ok ? deal it with it punk !!

next ,
i hate friends yang konon just for happy moment .. screw you !!
bila aku senang , gelak2 la ape la .. bila aku sedih , susah , kau menganjeng aku , kau hina2 aku .. gi mampos lah weyh !! x pernah aku kesah ade kawan mcm kau !! ptuiiiihhhhh .. kalau boleh sekarang ni aku nk sumbat k%^&* aku kat mulut kau .. kau pikir kau hebat sangat ah ? tolong ah respect org .. org ade perasaan gak .. jangan pikir sedap kau je .. kau x suke org langsi ngan kau , tp kau x reti nk respect org .. kepala babi kau nk hidup mcm tu .. be understanding la skit . AKU HARAP2 LA ADA ORANG TERASA !! kawan bukan untuk time senang je bai .. come on la . kawan adalah utk kte susah dan senang .. aku rasa untung la ade kawan yg memahami and slalu dengar cite aku time aku ade problem .. mcm BAHAYA ( def , iera , ameer , ammar ) and bdk2 rumah aku ( chapek , wan , tira ) .. dorg tau ape yg aku rasa ... tolong la jaga hati org .. kalau kau x jaga hati org , mcm mana org nk jaga hati kau .. fikir lah sikit .. kau nk benci aku sbb kau igt aku ni konon bagus ? come on .. just proceed .. kau ni jenis org yg tgk luaran .. kau x kenal lagi aku sape lah ,tapi kau dah terus boleh buat conclusion .. come on la .. matang lah sikit .. bulu jembut dah bersepah pun perangai x berubah .. fikir jauh sikit lah bai .. aku bukan ape , kesian tgk kau .. dah lahh .. gi main jauh2 .. menyampah aku tgk muka kau ..

there's a lot of things i want to express but , idk , like there's no font or letters can write it off ..
hmmm ..


  1. terasa macam baca blog org perempuan pulak :D
    heee kidding!

  2. ntah la kak .. just expressing how i feel .. penat ah hidup mcm ni ~_~

  3. chill la bro ^^
    jgn pker sgt oky .
    focus kat studi ye . kau nak fly g spain kan ?