Thursday, March 17, 2011

Its been a while now..

its been a while since my last post
i've been very super duper mega tera lazy to write something here ~_~
but tonight (its actually morning because its 2:44 am in the morning -__-" ) i want to write something about my imaginary friend :)
*tapi kawan ni dalam mimpi , bukan kat real world .. tu consider imaginary friend ke ? o_0
okay , back to the story

Since i was 5 , i have an imaginary friend . Its "she" . i mean , she's a girl la
okay , when i was 5 , everynight , i will dream bout us , playing around , main kejar2 , lari2 , main layang2
biase la budak2 kan ?? i keep dream bout us everynight till i was 12 .. cool kannn ??!!
haaa .. yg pelik nye , everynight , its the same girl ..
but sepanjang kitorg jd childhood friend dlm mimpi , i dont even know her name ..
cool enn ?? lol
and then i stop dream bout me and her till i was 16 (or 15 , not so sure)
the last time i dream her , i dont know who she is
here's the story of the last dream

i was in the middle of KL
going no where , without any direction
then i saw a girl , same age as mine , she seems lost
she's in the middle of crowd and seem lost
and then i ask her " kenapa ? sesat ke ? ". and the die ckp " sy dengan abang tadi , tetibe die ilang , gi mana tah " . then i offer her , " x pe la , sy tolong awk cari abg awk skali "
and then , kitorg pun jalan la satu kl cari abang die .. pastu mase tgh jalan tu die ckp berbisik " lame x jumpe "
aku pun mcm " ape ? x dgr la ape awk ckp " and then die diam je
pastu tetibe , kitorg cross jln and then tetibe die ilang
pastu nmpk die blk , die pegang tgn abang die , pastu die lambai pastu ckp "bye ! jumpe lagi ! kalau awk ade problem sy dtg lagi "
pastu tetibe tersedar dari tido
i was like , blurr gila !! and then a week after dat bru aku ingat pasal kwn dlm mimpi mase aku kecik
till now i still remember her face , her hair , her eyes ..
memang lawa la
mcm emma watson

but the creepiest thing is ... i found the girl on facebook !!
cite die mcm nie plak , dlm tahun ni jugak
ade someone ni aku add kat fb
and then die ckp ah thanxx for adding la ape la
pastu die ckp " do we know each other ? i think we've met before , u looks familiar "
aku pun mcm " nope , i dont think we know each other "
selang beberapa hari lepas tu
aku pun bru teringat pasal girl dlm mimpi aku tu
pompuan yg aku add kat facebook tu , sebijik mcm die
smpi skarang aku still x caye snanye but she's the girl in my dream
creepy right ? serious shit menakutkan but yet interesting
idk what to do
samada ckp kat die she's my friend in my dream when i was little or just let it be ..
the problem is , that girl in facebook is my friend's girlfriend
haaaa .. tu lah die .. problem mariii !!
and then smpi skarang tataw nk buat ape
cool en ?
da ah smpi sini je nk cite
bye :))

*done writing on 3:17 am Friday

Saturday, March 5, 2011